Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tiny Visitors

I recently purchased a new camera for travel. Different brand with different fittings than my Canon which means I could not use my macro lens that fit on my Canon. Still, I was out trying to get some close-ups of my tiny visitors. It is a challenge to get details with a long lens even though today's cameras have lots of technology to assist with blurring. This new camera has a different lens stabilization system which I do not fully understand. In doing my research before buying this camera, a photography site to which I belong recommended that I download the 400-page manual(!) to be sure I understood everything. Needless to say, thus far I have ignored reading (just as most of our well-paid folks in Congress have ignored reading their homework), but since I have a free weekend ahead, I will start reading soon!

Above a little work with exposure, but nothing else. Still too dark. I tend to shoot dark because I tend to overexpose and thus overcompensate!

Above, the same photo was photoshopped and the new technologies do compensate for ones skill-less use of the camera.

Above, one with a little change to exposure and below lots of adjusting in Photoshop Elements.  The second photo at full resolution does show some artifacts on the edges where contrast is greatest.

Below is just some pretty stuff.


  1. I am two years in with my camera. I have read bits and pieces of the manual. However, I always revert to automatic setting. Happy reading.

  2. I'm with Marie. I study some and then resort to auto settings.
    I like the pretty stuff.

  3. they look great to me. that poor tattered painted lady in the last photo.

  4. Nice
    Bugs are more charming in pictures.

  5. Very pretty stuff. My only camera is on my phone, i am not a good picture taker.

  6. It takes research and knowledge to get good photos. Good on you for putting in the effort.

  7. Well either this year or next I am going to get a new camera that takes photos close up, so that I can capture the insects in the garden. Also want some water, small pond probably, as well. A garden is nothing without a few damselflies and dragonflies swanning around.


Glad to hear from you once again. I really like these visits. Come sit on this log and tell me what you are thinking.