Thursday, March 18, 2021

Destroying Tapestries

Such mystery 
Such complex history 
Today they felled three-one-hundred-year-old trees

The death shudder shook my windows

Tomorrow we check the vernal pond 
Fragility which does not even last a whole year

It is all a tapestry 
Over which we try mastery 
And we can move mountains and cheer our eccentricity
Our hubris and  power over the planet 
Erasing nature's chronicle in just one afternoon


  1. The loss of trees unsettles the heart deeply. Why were they cut down?

    1. She is a nice lady and feared or the trees falling on the house. That is always a questionable call. We have cut down trees when we first moved in after a large one fell and grazed the garage. It is so sad.

  2. How sad to have the old trees cut down. They have seen so much unfold around them. When we had to cut down a few young trees to make way to build our house, we planted replacements. Boy Scouts had densely planted about 50 pine trees and we had to remove a few, perhaps 5 out of 50.

  3. Sad to see the trees go. Love how you expressed it!

  4. This action I can see but when larger areas of trees are destroyed for flimsy reasons, I have concerns

  5. Our pines became diseased, so we removed them. It made me very sad.

  6. how awful! why would they do that? I don't understand how people can just cut down mature trees like they don't matter. we probably lost half our canopy in my old neighborhood in the city through gentrification before we moved. it was heartbreaking to hear those chainsaws.

  7. This breaks my heart.

  8. Yes, I too hate to see the loss of these wonderful trees.


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