Saturday, November 06, 2021

This May Be Where I Will Fill My Time

On my other blog I was whining with the wine. This blog I want to share how blessed I am and how I cannot complain too much or for too long.

I took these photos while walking around a nearby State Park with my son and his wife a few weeks ago.  The trails wind around a point with most having views of the water with also a few pocket beaches here and there.

This park also provides a place for horses that are used for rehabilitation and for use with children that have learning disabilities.  I understand that horses are far more gentle with these types of people while they learn to ride and accept their fear and disabilities.

These horses and others in different fields were very friendly.  They wanted food.  The signs warned of both an electric fence and to please not feed the animals.

There were even a few birds when my son's dog slowed down long enough for me to keep up and still take photos.

I am one lucky lady to live in such a rich part of the world.  By rich, I mean wildlife of all kinds!  I just have to keep up with the "kids".


  1. Beautiful nature in the your view, you are very lucky.

  2. I'm glad you know how to enjoy your surroundings, rather than just stop noticing them!

  3. Beautiful scenery for a nice walk. Outdoors soothes the spirit in specials ways.

    It is sad to see hungry animals. I'm sure not feeding them has good health reasons.

  4. You are fortunate to live in such a place and have family with whom to share it.

  5. I am very envious of your shot of the male kestrel. They are not easy to photograph, being very skittish and wary of humans. I rarely do so well. Get out into that park and enjoy it as often as you can, alone or with others. It looks like a wonderful place.

  6. Yes, you do live in a lovely place.

  7. It's a huge blessing to live where there are so many pretty places and so much to see and enjoy.

  8. I have heard about places that have horses for the disabled. It's lovely to make that available.


  9. What a wonderful day for a walk. Here too, it is a joy to find the wonderful birds in the obvious chill of the day. Do they fly south as the weather gets colder?


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