Monday, July 21, 2008


Free to leap
Above the why
Into the arms
Of strange

Free to fly
Far from real
Into the arms
Of away

Free to sail
On the craft
Into the arms
Of sighs

Laughing and yelling and screaming with joy
I spin the sun at my command


Mildred Garfield said...

What a wonderful picture of your grandson!!

Those last words says everything the photo says.

"Laughing and yelling and screaming with joy!"

Priceless feeling - when does an adult have that feeling?

Tabor said...

Thanks Millie...I think we should always try to re-capture that feeling...maybe I should set out the sprinkler and jump in!!

Sky said...

wow - he has grown!

oh, tabor, i just told hubby yesterday about how thrilling it was to play in the sprinkler when we were young. we loved it as much as swimming in the pool or lake. there were so many creative ways to play with the hose and sprinkler!