Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ha Ha...!

The house is quiet as the sun is not quite up. I am standing in the bathroom washing my face. I hear a repeated bird call in the nearby woods that sounds a little different.

ME: "Do you hear that bird call?"
HUBBY: (Lying peacefully in bed.) "Yeah."
ME: "What is that?"
HUBBY; "A cardinal"
ME: "Gee. Sounds a little different, sort of raspy. Like it has a sore throat."
HUBBY: "You'd sound raspy too if you spent the better part of your day beating your head against a window."


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kenju said...

When I was about 8-10, we lived in a house with a large picture window, which reflected the woods across the street. We lost several birds each day when they flew headlong into the glass and stunned themselves. Many died, and some died when my cat - hearing the "thud" ran to the front of the house to capture the spoils.