Monday, July 07, 2008

That is the Plan...

A naive person might think that having an open grassy space would make it easy to put in some flower beds and trees. But that cannot be the process. This is the beginning of planning for our rather plain front yard with gravel driveway. I am hoping that the stark and rather formal look will mellow once the plants fill in and spill over. The wild raspberries on the right side will have to be removed, unfortunately, because they are so invasive. Now that our raspberry buses are int he ground and starting to produce we may not miss these so much. We have to have raised beds because the ground is hard packed clay even after adding a layer of top soil! The bed in the back by the garden and the one in the front still needs edging in brick. Trees and maybe more beds will be added over the years and if we find the deer continue to leave us alone. I am also hoping to widen the sidewalk entry( not shown) somewhat as it is too narrow. I do not know how to pour and level cement, so maybe I will have to settle for some pavers?

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