Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick Update

The cardinal continues to peck at various windows starting as early as 6:00 A.M. I also thought about putting in a stuffed cat as Sky suggested...just don't have one around. ALTHOUGH, just yesterday I was sitting reading on my sofa and got up to get something to drink and staring at me was a black cat with a white patch on his throat. He was on the deck looking in through the French doors! Once he say my movement his eyes opened wide and he took off racing down the deck and in to the woods. He is not wild as I saw a collar.

I also was thinking of taping down some fly tape to the ledge of the window to see if very sticky feet would discourage him. My husband thinks he has an addiction to the behavior, a pattern he cannot break since the mating season has passed.

I did see Mrs. Red perched on the deck table looking very frustrated as her mate went from window to window tapping. Maybe he is a polygamist? My hubby has nickhamed the bird Don Quixote.

I have "googled" this behavior and am going to try first spinners and next bird netting, if I can figure out how to attach it to the second story window.


  1. i think you should contact the audubon society to see what they think. someone will know more than we do.

    you don't have any art pieces of cardinals that he can see from the windows, do you? just wondering if he thinks a cardinal is in your house.

  2. No, Sky, no art pieces or anything that looks enticing although I know he can see his reflection in the windows that he taps at.


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