Monday, June 09, 2008

Simmering Senseless

If, like Haglet, anyone was interested in the owl did not work. This same red devil has four favorite windows which he proceeds to tap and fly at each day. Usually in the morning. I must regroup.

It is now 91 degrees and climbing and Mr. Red is probably panting at full tilt in one of the tulip trees tyring to get his breath.

Early this morning while I was fixing coffee in my birthday suit (perhaps in dread of how hot the day was going to become) I looked out in the front lawn and very near the bay window Mr. Longears was busy eating away at the clover. We have lots of clover in the lawn and I think he is doing a great service. I just wonder what he will eat when all the clover is gone...yes, exactly what I was thinking. Maybe I shouldn't let him get too comfortable.

I took my coffee in hand and wandered out all beige with tan lines into the front yard. Being able to wander out in one's birthday suit is a cool advantage of living in the country--- all puns intended. Mr. Longears looked up briefly, made a determination about his situation and then continued his clover breakfast undeterred. A 61-year-old body with all its warts and scars is not going to frighten this fellow.

I have fond memories of this morning because now only a house fire could get me back outside before the sun wanes.


  1. Ugh. I know. It's only fallen to a cool 91 about ten minutes ago here. I had to laugh because I was more daring than usual with my attire on this steamer of a day also! I went out for a row in the boat very briefly then came in, showered, and stripped 'almost' naked and enjoyed my tea in the a/c.

    Sorry the owl trick didn't work. He must have lost his mate. Usually they're still preoccupied with one another this time of year, no?

  2. do you have any ideas what the bird wants? this is so strange to me. i thought your idea was brilliant.

    you are a brave one, ms naked in the country!

    i don't envy you the temps we've been hearing about. cool rainy spell here - 50s, but wednesday will bring back the 70s and sunshine. that heat and humidity are why i hope i never have to live on the east coast again.


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