Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Neighborhood Modernization

He spotted the new supermarket going up about two months ago. There seemed to be much unnecessary construction and sporadic cleaning of the area before all was finished. Yet, it was so close to where he lived, he felt very fortunate. Finally, the rows of produce were stocked and he could see the fresh greens just seductively sitting there. The price for the pleasure was small...just a 5 inch hole needed to be made in the black plastic netting. He was in the middle of a "fresh green bean sprout delight" which reminded him of his mother's recipes when a crazy woman came running and whooping at him raising her arms in the steamy air.

Her frightening and speedy approach made him a little disoriented and not sure of the way out and he almost didn't make it through the 5 inch hole in the net. But soon he was safe, lumbering through the wild raspberry patch and heading down the ravine with a tummy full of new bean plants.

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  1. HAHAHA awwwww poor little guy... but what's worse? Poor little YOU! I could just visualize you running after the little furball in a rage ... (and in that HEAT). Ugh.

    Methinks you just reminded me why I don't bother with a veggie/fruit garden. It's more comforting for me to think I don't do it because of all the hungry varments than to think that I just plain lack the know-how.


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