Thursday, June 05, 2008

I Hear You Knockin

I hear you knockin, but you can't come in!

When one reaches the age that I have attained after no small success in avoiding various dietary-induced illnesses and diseases of the 20th Century, I do not have any patience for little scares when I brush my teeth in the quiet of my bathroom in the early morning. Little scares such as a cardinal abruptly flying at the window behind me and then tapping incessantly in the early dawn causing my heart to stop and me to drop my toothbrush into the sink.

I also am allowed that occasional nap in the afternoon and do not appreciate the incessant tapping of the same motley cardinal at my bedroom window just as I drift off to sleep---fifteen times!! I have taped the following images of startled owls to the windows of my house and we will see if this discourages this determined and tedious bird from his addled behavior.


  1. oh, tabor, send him to washington, please! i miss them so much. we don't have them here. in fact, i miss them so much that a friend had a professional photographer mat and frame 2 photographs he had taken of cardinals for my christmas gifts last year.

    wonder what he wants? i had families of them at my atlanta home and none ever knocked on my windows like that. sounds like he wants food or is nesting near your window. we had stelar's jays trying to nest outside our the curve of the gutter's downspout. it didn't work - the nesting material kept falling out!

    the stelar's jays and the squirrels look for peanuts and will come to the glass doors when they see us inside.

  2. I had a similar problem at my country home.
    But they were not tapping they were flying into the huge glass windows.
    Several birds were killed this way.
    I had a silhouette of a bird taped on the window to help.
    Also had a problem with bee's in an out building. They drilled holes continually.
    Never figured out how to handle this problem. Truly hated to destroy them.
    Blessings to you from a hot hot morning in Tennessee.

  3. I haven't had them tapping ... but I have had one peering into the window at me in my living room where - just outside - there is a lovely evergreen shrub for him to sit in. The only time this unnerves me is when I'm singing and suddenly turn to find I have an uninvited audience.

    Now the woodpeckers? THEY are rude around here. I HAVE had them knock on the walls and windows.

    I'd be interested to know if your owl images work!

  4. I think I told you in previous years about how we've had bluebirds and robins who had pecked at our car windows and car mirrows at this time of year. I called the local Audubon Society chapter, and found that male birds are pumped full of hormones for mating season and very territorial. When they peck at anything shiny, that's probably because they see their reflection in the mirror, window, car-fender, whatever shiny thing presents itself, and they think their territory is being invaded by another male. So they attack their competitor.


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