Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reach for the Sky

Having both well water and a septic system requires some balance in how we use water. After several months bacteria build up in the well and our pipes, and when we turn on the water, it smells strongly of hydrogen sulfide. Therefore, we must carefully treat it with a shock of bleach. Then we must carefully drain the water from the well over a rock river for a while to empty the well of all bleach residue so that we can use the water and so that it doesn't ruin the important bacteria in the septic system. This recycling of bleach water takes several hours. The well pump is capped in the back yard. Because of my aesthetic sense, I ordered one of those artificial rocks to cover the well cap. I intend to eventually plant some small grasses or other plants around the' rock.' We put the 'rock' in place a week ago and upon lifting it to treat the well this morning an interesting mushroom was found underneath reaching for who knows what. Ilove the beauty of various fungus and so had to capture this one.


  1. I too like the look of the various types of fungi. We also have well water and septic. We just had our septic cleaned out on Tuesday - two days earlier than our annual appointment date (today). Can you say outdoor odor? Guess we need to have fewer houseguests or quit eating all the fiber. hahahaha

    Oh. That was gross. Nevermind.

    (would like to see your yard-rock once it's turned rightside up ... do they really look somewhat natural?)

  2. i am not educated enough in water issues and systems to be able to figure out this post fully, but my parents have both a well and septic tank and have never had to do anything like you are describing. is there some other variable involved in this? they have lived in their home since 1970.

    this stuff would make me very nervous.


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