Tuesday, June 24, 2008

News from the Homefront

(Warning: Pictures at the end of this blog may make you a little squeamish.)

The owl pictures did not work to discourage the bird. Red, the cardinal lunatic, was unintimidated and still comes tapping at my bedroom window around 6:00 A.M. most mornings. We have had loud argumentative discussions about this behavior...actually I have discussed and Red just flies away! I even tried spraying deer repellent on the outside windowsill and that did not keep him away. I was going to put those spikes that they have on the roofs and gutters of monuments to discourage pigeons, but my husband said that was going to far.

The other visitor, Mr. or Mrs. Raccoon, has not reappeared or been heard from for several days. The pest control people could find no sign of a large mammal in the part of the attic they could reach. But they also said the eve access above my bedroom was too hard for them to attempt any animal removal. It is tremendously hot up there for anything to live, so I am thinking the move-in was temporary due to a downed tree from a storm or he/she was actually pacing on the outside on the roof.

Mud wasps are making homes under the soffits as I see them coming in an out. It is right by the front door, so they will have to be removed.

Finally this friendly fellow swam all the way across the river to my dock just to say hello. This country life is quite exciting and I am such a popular girl these days!


  1. Before I turn in this evening "you make me smile.
    Walks, porches, terrace all sealed today.
    They look awesome but had to help move a lot of outdoor furniture and flower pots.
    What is happening to you - I've been there.
    Something I had a problem with were the wood bee's.
    Drilling holes in all wood around the house. Then looking up and seeing giant wasp nest. Where did they come from. Also do not miss always being on the outlook for snakes.
    Miss the deer, wild turkey and the many different kinds of birds.
    Miss a lot.
    But I know I have been blessed to have experienced many different lifestyles.

  2. i am thinking the cardinal thinks you are a just a bigger red cardinal female than he usually sees! he must have a crush on you. if he is not looking for food what in the world does he want?! this is so amusing and interesting. maybe someone in your local audubon can give you some ideas?

    sounds like you just need to throw a big wildlife party in the backyard and invite all the estate residents! :))

  3. I was over at Val's blog and read about your retirement. How wonderful for you! I tried to comment on your other blog but for some reason I couldn't get the comments to come up. When I clicked the comments link nothing happened. Wierd.
    It sounds like you're keeping very busy making the new house feel like home.
    I've heard of male cardinals attacking their reflection in the mirrors of vehicles. Perhaps your red fiend is seeing his reflection in your windows.
    With luck he'll calm down when mating season is over :)

  4. tabor, i spoke with my parents today who are in GA. before we hung up mother complained about a cardinal pecking at the window off and on all day long for over a week! i couldn't believe my ears. i quickly told her about you and yours and the owl pics, etc. she said, "well, your daddy put a stuffed cat in the window sill and he has not been back today!" she thought it was his reflection he saw, but yours could not see a reflection if you had things in the window, could it? this whole story has totally fascinated me. too strange that my parents and you are both dealing with this issue!


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