Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Pick Me Up

This Gerbera daisy, related to the sunflower, was a parting gift on my retirement at the end of April. It had one small flower in the center. When that died I thought that was the end of the show. I have never bought these daisies because they are annuals and have a reputation for being tempermental. This gem has rewarded me with three more blossoms--two are tucked behind, and if it survives the summer, I will see if I can keep it going inside this winter. Daisies are such happy faces and I have been feeling a little down for some reason.

I was also gifted with the first two blossoms of one of the John Paul Clematis that I planted recently. The other does not have blooms but is more prolific in vining and leafing. Another pick-me upper.


  1. well, ms green thumb, if anyone can keep an annual alive during winter, YOU can! i am still remembering your amaryllis...

  2. Thanks, sky. You're a sweetie!

  3. There's a gardener named Robin in Indiana who kept gerberas blooming all winter inside her house.

    They looked pretty good for April Blooming Day.

    I hope yours keep flowering through the summer, Tabor, whether or not you try to overwinter them.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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