Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ms. Manners vs. Pachamama

Pachamama, the passionate one, has been very restless this past week. For two nights, she threw her hair around in grand sweeps and tore the leaves and branches from her shoulders scattering debris across the lawn making it look as though a love-war had happened during the night. A small dead tree was tossed across the driveway and another large branch across the path to the dock. It was almost as if she had sent a message that she did not want me to leave the house. I was able to move the small tree to the side, but the branch across the path to the dock is too precarious for me to try on my own as two other smaller branches cross it high above.

On the third night of this dance, the full moon emerged to bring Pachamama some peace but to test my patience. The moon light cast its pearl beam directly across my bed at 3:30 and has done so each night since then waking me up each time. It is too bright to sleep and since I have not yet sewn draperies for the bedroom, I must allow the moon her mischief and be patient.

Two nights ago just before the moon passed beneath the branch of a tree to beam gaily through the window once again, I was awakened by some rhythmic sound above my head. I could not make it out in my sleepy fog but it sounded like large drops of water hitting the ceiling above my bed. But it was not rain. There was no rain falling. The pattern was soft and rhythmic. One, two, three, four across the tray ceiling above my head and then it repeated but in the opposite direction. I realized that it was the padded pacing of some animal. Something was in the attic. It sounded too large and slow for a squirrel and although I pictured a bobcat due to the padded footfall, I knew it was not that. I am guessing it is a raccoon. I heard it for two nights, but last night it was quieter. Maybe it is some mystical beast that was thrown out of sphere by Pachamama!

Today I had to call the rodent removal people. I am too practical and too scared to let it set up housekeeping in the attic.

What is
Pachamama trying to tell me? Is my footprint too large? I guess I will try to be more polite.


  1. Three things and I'll try to be brief.
    1.Look at the photo you've provided. Note the very light 'haze' effect just left of the center. It looks like maybe an old man blowing out with cheeks puffed out (profiled and facing left).

    2. The darker outline of a tree to the left of the 'old man' haze looks to me like a profile of an old woman (Mother Earth?) facing right ... SO neat.

    Lastly, this is some fine fine writing here, Tabor. Captivating... colorful ... holy mackeral.

  2. I hadn't seen the images until you pointed them out. I just thought it was so much like one of those of the artist in the 1920's, Maxfield Parrish, whom I like. Although the scene was far across the river, I still tried to capture with my telephoto.

  3. what an interesting and descriptive post. be sure to let us know what it turns out to be. i am glad you are nipping this in the bud.

  4. Tabor, the name Pachamama wasn't familiar so I left to look it up... and see that one suggestion is to drink toasts to her with fermented liquids, spilling a bit as an offering.

    Sounds like a plan for an interesting weekend... Pachamama appeased, the invader perhaps removed, and the evening splashed by fermented drinks.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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