Sunday, May 25, 2008

Glutton for Punishment

Is is just my imagination or does this 'hog' have a guilty look? I remember a summer when one of his relatives visited my garden in another area of this state and proceeded to make tomato salad every single evening from my garden without asking. She lived under my neighbors porch and was raising an extensive family. My dog treed her for almost 12 hours one day.

This groundhog above looks even healthier. I have lots of clover and other nibbles throughout the lawn and I respectfully ask that you ignore all the expensive delectables in my flower beds! I am willing to live and let live...and that includes the horticultural exotics that I have planted.

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Sky said...

omg, i have never seen one in real life...just graoundhog day stuff on television. i would have been so excited! i never entertained the thought of them invading our gardens. good luck. we have a mole who has crawled in and out of his tunnels for a few years. we have had no success in persuading him to relocate except perhaps here and there with sprays of castor oil. he doesn' eat the green tenderness....just invades root systems as he digs.