Monday, May 19, 2008

Today I Planted

Click photo for a larger view

This past Sunday I took hubby to the airport very early in the morning. My return trip took me by one of my very favorite plant places. I spent $160.00 in very little time and only the size of my car kept me in my place. This place is expensive, has 1,000's of different plants, and everything you get is very healthy and guaranteed for one year. They even have Sunday muffin/tea sessions with a plant expert if you have the time. I took my treasures home and placed them throughout the yard for Monday.

I planted the following on this very nice spring Monday:

2 Clematis John Paul beneath the sun trellises
6 Liatris Spicata Kobold around the circle of the ugly oil tank cap in the middle of the yard
2 Perovskia Little Spire in the same circle of the tank for accent
1 Salvia marcus near my blue-eyed grass
1 Salvia Marcus Nemrosa also near that
1 hybrid tea rose-Sweet Surrender in the same bed ---I am a glutton for punishment. What can I say?
1 paeonia Krekler's Red under my newly planted pink dogwood

and put aside the the newly purchased bird feeder for another day.

Before planting the Peony, I cut the four lovely blossoms and brought them inside along with four of the shasta daisies that had yet to be eaten by the rabbit and put them in a bouquet on my dining table. The bouquet was missing needed a center with a little height. I have a small hedge of wild raspberries creeping into the lawn and a cutting from that seemed to add just the element needed. What do you think? It is not Ikebana, but reflects my casual style.


Ernestine said...

I am right with you.
This morning
I noticed an older small cottage on my next street.
I rang the doorbell. No one was home.
All I can say is it is absolutely magnificent.
I came away with a dozen new ideas
Main one is to turn my courtyard in front of my new home - which has an iron fence around it - into entirely plants, several small tree's, stepping stones, rose bush, etc.
So I have another project to begin.
Will visit the garden centers tomorrow and load my car and have my son take a pickup and pick up what I cannot.
I have created many gardens. Even had a write up years ago in Southern Living and 2 in our local paper.
So this lady is not easily impressed.
I have to meet the owner of this cottage.
I will be back ringing their doorbell.
All that you are doing looks great.
I think we have dirt in our veins.
I will soon be posting some pictures.
When I learn how!!!!!!!!

Sky said...

oh, those nursery days when i buy more than there is even room to plant here in our gardens any longer! lol...i am such a glutton, too. what a wonderful day you must have had. nothing is better on a spring day than putting life into the earth.

i love the bouquet you made. you have a great eye; the height and easy flow of the center is the perfect touch!