Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bye Baby Bunting

Here is an Indigo Bunting(?) that has been visiting. There are two males that stop by the bird feeder. I am hoping to see at least one female soon. How lovely would it be if they nest nearby each year!
Just as I head downstairs to replace the flash card in the camera, one of the males flings himself at the window near the dining room table! I hope he is alright! These filmed windows are tragedies in the woods.


Sky said...

consider putting some colorful crystal glass adornments which hang from the top of the window frame (or some made with suction cups) here and there across the windows. there are also beautiful stained glass ones. these help the birds see that something is there and are also quite beautiful.

i had a baby owl do that - flew into a glass sunroom window 15 years ago one night and almost killed himself. i was so glad when he awoke and became oriented. i had the sunroom covered in house plants so i am sure that only confused him more. luckily he was fine after half an hour or so.

such beautiful birds, tabor! i have never seen a painted bunting. they used to come into the north ga mountains but never as far south as atlanta. have you seen these beautifully colored birds? of course, the males are the most exquisite.

Tabor said...

Good idea, Sky. I think the bird was OK because he immediately flew into the woods and appeared to land in a nearby tree. I will watch this morning when the rains subside to see if both return.

Tabor said...

Both returned in the heavy rain late in the afternoon and were at the feeders thank goodness. I am still waiting to see the female. A friend of mine said he did not think they came to feeders as a matter of maybe this is rarer than I thought.

Weary Hag said...

How gorgeous! You are right about the newer windows. I've never seen (actually, heard) so many birds hit windows as I have in the past year since we had new windows put in. What a shame.

I had a very very blue bird here in the yard last summer. Can't recall his name. They're just beautiful!