Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life in the Jungle

There seems to be basically two types of people. Those that feel most comfortable living in or very near the city. The sound of an ambulance and police sirens, barking dogs, people chatter and bus groans are comforting and familiar. These sounds become the lullaby that puts one to sleep.

The second group of individuals needs the sound of the wind in the trees, the final call of a bird and/or the lap of a wave upon the shore to help them unwind and drift off in the evening.

Interestingly enough, I think I like both worlds, and while I favor the latter, I can adjust to the sounds of civilization growing as I drift off to sleep.

Two nights ago, there was a twist on the evening lullaby in the woods. The rains had deposited almost three inches by the time sunset (which we could not see) arrived. The gusting winds broke new growth from the tops of the trees and flung it across the lawns. Leaves danced crazily above our heads. The monotony of the falling rain and gusting wind finally put my husband and I to sleep---almost. Just as we lost consciousness the violent and gutteral sound of an angry animal drifted up to the bedroom window. There was calling like a rusty hinge on a door and deep growls that could only come from a mountain lion. This went on for several minutes and hubby got the spotlight and directed it to the ravine. Someone was clearly not going to sleep until he/she got their way.

The spring shrubbery was full and green and we could not even catch a glimpse of a yellow eye. Finally we went back to bed and the animal sounds subsided.

In the crisp sunny post storm morning as we ate breakfast we talked about the noise. We concluded that we had been listening to a territorial dispute between two male racoons. Nasty it was and somewhat frightening. But I guess I can get used to that as I have gotten adjusted to everything else...except a baby's cry.


  1. Sometimes in early winter it's too cold for the windows to be open, but warm enough that the heat doesn't come on - and after a long season of constant air-conditioning and ceiling fan sounds, it can be hard to fall asleep in the silence.

    We've had raccoon battles in the tree right outside our bedroom window - sometimes just raccoons, but a few times with a stray cat mixed in - their ferocity and volume was astounding, and the havoc in the containers and flower bed under the tree was pitiful to see the next day.

    The Tulip Tree bouquet was lovely, Tabor - I hope your guests liked it, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. I can relate to your post.
    I have lived in the middle of the city. That is where I am at the moment. Basically to be near children and grandchildren. I am busy creating a minature garden area in my small yard.
    But the memories of my old farmhome and and farm out in the middle of nowhere are still vivid.
    I loved the night sounds, my gardens, deer and wild turkey in the fields, the many different kinds of birds,a simpler lifestyle, the warmth from a wood burning fire, walking in the woods, my old pickup, wildflowers and on and on.
    I guess I have been fortunate to live in both worlds.
    My heart would love to live on acreage I have. In my mind I build a small cottage in the middle of that 70 acres. Only go to the city once a month. Garden and take wonderful pictures like I some do on the blogs I am discovering.
    But being that isolated at this stage of life I probably would not be the best choice.
    A soul mate for that lifestyle never came by.
    But if I could I would.
    Maybe in my next life.


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