Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trellis and Suns

The above trellis (actually two) were purchased recently to add to the vine hardscape next to the pathway to my front door. I currently have one clematis which blooms in the spring that is growing on a more traditional looking trellis in the center of this side bed. The flower is not the exact color I thought it was going to be, but the plant is so healthy, it will remain. I added two other trellis structures, one on each side with the sun symbol as shown above for balance and to add two later summer blooming clematis that are paler whitish pink in color so that I have vines blooming through a longer time period. They are called John Paul II. This sun in the trellis continues a 'sun-theme' that I accidentally began a few years ago with the sculpture below that is beside my front door.

I also have two large suns hanging above the garage doors. These I have to remove rust from and repaint in a darker wine red next week. Just one more of the many projects I have been meaning to work on. Below is the full bed now in full bloom.
This whole landscaping process is going very very very slowly as I do not wish to be buying expensive salad for the rabbits and deer. Rabbits already are eating 10% of the shasta daisies!!


  1. i love your landscaping....the pots are lovely with the shutters. the bed will be just stunning when the new trellises are heavy with flowering clematis. do you find it as hard to wait on the glories of the garden as i do? i am so ready to see our perennials again and check daily to see if new bearded irises have burst open! :))

  2. I like your sun theme, even if it was started accidently - as you say. A similar thing happened with me in our new family room - though it's slow going and now I want to keep it up. Tiny touch of irony here ... it's moons.


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