Friday, July 25, 2008

The Watch Frog

Throughout the world people use various means to protect their valuables. Besides technology we also use animals. In the U.S. (and elsewhere) dogs with their excellent sense of smell and hearing protect us from robberies. When I lived in Indonesia they used peacocks because they had a piercing call if a stranger approached the yard at night.

I guess I have a volunteer watch frog in the potted patio tomato...or perhaps he is just free-loading. The look he is giving me says "What's with all this drenching rain every morning?"


  1. Peacocks - you brought back memories. I had them at my country home. I loved them. One daughter visiting said "how can you stand all of that noise"
    One evening I pulled my car in the out building. Left the door open for a while before I shut it.
    Oh my - the next morning when I opened the door I could have cried.
    They had roosted on my car. What a mess. Also the fact that the car was only several weeks old made it even worse. Scratchs all over the hood. Finally with wax I tried not to notice them.

  2. Fascinating, Earnestine. You have led a most interesting life and I am looking forward to some of your reminiscing.

  3. i love frogs in the garden. i just placed a toad house in ours for a tiny frog who has been living in the "hose pot." i wish we had a pond so we would attract many frogs, though the lake a block away probably helps. at our home in atlanta a large creek in back was home to many frogs, especially bullfrogs who sang loudly on spring and summer evenings. during the height of their mating season the frogs would serenade us with morning songs as we ate our breakfast on the deck above the creek's bank. lucky you with your river! :)


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