Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fat Buddies

These beautiful winter jewels are expensive!  We must replace about 8 pounds of sunflower seed every 6 days and slightly less on the mixed seed and fruit mix for the other feeder during the week. There are NOT that many birds in my backyard. They are few enough in both species and number of species that I can recognize them. I could even give them names as I sometimes do.

Many are small like the titmouse and the chickadee, and as hubby says, one would think about 6 sunflower seeds should fill up their tiny tummies for the day or at least the morning meal.  But these birds can put away the food!    It seems that eventually they would become flat footed plodders awkwardly balancing the extra weight on the tree branches reminding one of drunken clowns as the orgy of eating continues throughout the day.  One might think that I could see their bellies dragging along the snowy wet grass as they try desperately to start flight.  One would think that they would spend more time sleeping in the holly trees near the feeders burping away and waiting for the meal to digest.

None of this true.  We are spending a fortune on seeds and these birds have a metabolism that does not quit!  We should all be so lucky.


NanU said...

They're not fat, they're fluffy!

Gorgeous pictures.

One Woman's Journey said...

I cannot understand why they are not "fat"
Your pictures - perfect. I have most of these birds but cannot get an image - they are to far away and to fast for me. Or I am to slow.

Hilary said...

I know what you mean. But isn't the payoff wonderful? Such beauties. Great shots.

Barry said...

Great shots! I'm impressed with anyone who gets such wonderful photos of birds. When we put out a we mainly end up feeding squirrels.

Or, and Lindsay running around barking at them and disturbing our neighbors.


Peruby said...

Just drive your nice clean car out into the driveway. You'll see where all that birdseed goes. Straight through them.

Val said...

Laughing at Peruby. Wonderful colours, English birds seem so drab by comparision.

Kerri said...

What a fabulous feathered family you have! Wonderful photos.
I'm smiling at the thought of the "should be" fat bellies dragging in the snow.
Yes, our yards are fascinating places. Often Makes it difficult to get much of anything done sometimes, doesn't it? :)
It is quite an investment for sure. We spend a small fortune too, but they do provide such wonderful entertainment. Never a dull moment.