Saturday, January 02, 2010


We have some unusually beautiful purple finches this year and they are so busy darting about at the feeders that they are hard to capture with my camera.  I was sitting on the edge of the steps freezing my 'arse' off and actually wearing gloves waiting for a good shot of their rosy breasts while trying to feel the camera button.  While being patiently frozen, I saw this fellow out of the corner of my eye fly into a nearby tree just behind me.  I knew if I was lucky I would be able to get a good photo!  And I do think Hilary is correct in calling him a sharp-shinned hawk.  In the first photo he appears to be checking his manicure or seeing if his claw is sharp enough for an attempt at dinner.

Some days my back yard is more exciting than any city intersection.


Barry said...

Your backyard is ALWAYS more interesting than a city intersection!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Those hawks can make all of your backyard birds disappear for sure, Tabor. Thank Goodness we have very FEW of them here --at least near my house... You did capture a great picture of yours though.

Dave King said...

Lovely, well caught and well presented - even so, I am that envious of you having them!

walk2write said...

What a fascinating shot of the hawk inspecting his toes! Most of the time they look so fierce and imperturbable. You've caught this one in a pants-down moment.

Hilary said...

Oh he's a beauty, isn't he? I have a hawk or two hanging around my back yard on occasion and then it's deafeningly quiet for hours and sometimes days after it has been around.