Monday, January 04, 2010

Magical Misty Morning

It was the first morning sunshine in quite a number of days brave enough to poke its golden head from behind heavy clouds of rain.  But in determined competition, the fog was moving in from the bay and from the large arm of the river and catching like a wispy net in the tops of the trees.  It was carefully covering the sun with its veil.  This fog was masking the first warmth I had felt in days.  I hurried down to the dock to see if I could catch the last of the geese swimming out into the river on the far shore and found my feet sliding ever so dangerously on the glistening frost on the dock when I arrived...our first real frost of the year.

The glassy surface of the water was dotted with white confetti-like down from the prior nights goose gathering.  It looked like the remnants of a very joyful party.  The geese appeared almost magical as the early angle of the sun highlighted their white behinds in crystal light reflected on the mirror of still blue-gray water.  In contrast they seemed also to hang in some gray ethereal space.  The far shore was almost invisible, only a smudged charcoal line.  The distant flocks of water birds coasting out to the river were ghostlike.  These geese mimicked the mood of stillness that was waiting for the sun to pierce through by making very little noise as they floated slowly away.

Such magical moods do not last long.  Fog sweeps in, and then, within the hour, is removed and the bright winter day is exposed.  (Click on the photos for some magic.)


Peruby said...

I think this flock you saw was the same one I saw a day or so ago. They were headed south. I was out early one morning and heard this awful strange noise. I ripped my ear muffs off and looked up. There, I saw a flock of geese - but they were bright white (was it the moonlight?). It was quite magical as I am used to seeing the dark images against the sky.

Hilary said...

Beautiful, Beautiful photos. I love how you captured the fog in the treetops. So true how it all changes back to a regular day shortly afterward. Thanks for this glimpse.

walk2write said...

I think that fog is good for the soul. It forces you to rely on other senses besides sight and makes you slow down to appreciate little things like down on the water. You do have a wild bunch of geese there!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, We haven't seen the sunshine much either --and it's SO cold here.

Love your sun/fog/wintery pictures. Amazing how the weather changes so quickly, isn't it?????

Thanks for sharing.

Kerry said...

Some of the very best pictures are taken when there is fog. I love love love these photos of yours. I'm so glad you slipped and slid your way out to see all of this!

NanU said...

Gorgeous photos, Tabor.
Funny how we get introduced to new blogs - your reparté with Mark got me over for a look, and I'm glad I did!

Steve Gravano said...

Wow I love the color and atmosphere in the top photo.