Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Food

Now that the weather is warmer, my routine is to sit on the dock and see what the sunset will bring almost each day.  It took only minutes after my husband clicked his teeth against his tongue for these semi-wild ducks, belonging to a neighbor across the river, to come and see why we were making noise.  We had nothing so he had to run back up to the house and find the last few slices of the expensive "Organic 7-grain bread" for their dinner.

Three wild mallard drakes flew in and hung off in the distance surveying the free-eats situation.

This fellow came in and was able to grab just a few of the bread crumbs...

before the large white drake dispatched him to the outer regions of the river leaving all the food for his family...

...and leaving us to watch the sunset as they finished their dinner in the golden glow of the reflection.


  1. we love walking back through the woods to the duck pond and feeding our friends...nice pics.

  2. Amusing commentary and a superb final picture.

  3. Never call them unless you are willing to share the expensive 7 grain organic bread. You are good souls.

  4. That last photo is awesome. It looks as if they're in the spotlight.

  5. Beautiful images. The location of your home - sounds like Heaven to this One Woman. I love the water and now am deep in the woods.

  6. Well, who doesn't like free food? What a lovely thing to have just outside of your door :)

  7. A perfect way to spend a warm spring evening. Great entertainment, and what a setting!
    That last photo is breathtaking.
    In answer to your question: Yes I do divide the daffs, but there are so many that only a few get done each year.

  8. The bottom shot is a most lovely and ethereal image! That little sliver of light in the background really makes it!


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