Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Poem in Double Vision

Looks like this is going to be a another bird post.  With the cold winter I hang around the bird feeder mostly these days.

Among the Sioux Native American nation the blue jay symbolizes double vision or clarity of vision.  It has something to do with the blue of the sky and the juxtaposition of the blue of the jay.  This photo of the tail shows how stunning  those blues can be.  You will hear a blue jay from quite a distance, although, since it mimics many calls including the hawk, you may not know that a blue jay is watching you.  All of my birds leave the feeders pretty rapidly when these jays show up including our red-bellied woodpecker.  They are bullies when food resources are low.  These birds look slim to me and not greedy eaters.

 This must be some confab regarding shopping for gifts as this was taken at the bird bath before the holidays.

All photos reduced in pixel size due to blogger limitations, of course.

I just love this dude's eyebrows.  He has that Gabby Hays, Wilfred Brimley, Sam Elliott thing going for him.  If I spoke jay like some of the Sioux, I am sure he could tell me many cool stories around the feeding dish.


  1. Blogger Limitations? I store my pictures on Snapfish, and only those I upload directly count to blogger.

    Is there a reason why you have these words at the bottom of your posts? Just wondering.

  2. There are several bluejays that frequent my feeders too. Today in the new white snow they look especially like bits of fallen sky. Lovely pics.

  3. I am half way to the total Blogger will allow. Just being careful I guess.

  4. I've encountered the (annoyingly small) Blogger photo limit quite a few times.

    I just go back and delete some of the older stuff, of things that nobody seemed to notice.

    (Can you say "Re-post"? LOL!)

  5. Oh for some bluejays - such beautiful feathers.

  6. I adore blue jays.
    Even when they are being a bit snarky.

  7. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Beautiful and this would explain why I noticed no other burds around when they are at the feeder. Lol!

  8. I was at a bird sanctuary once, and I swear the blue jays were imitating the sounds of cameras and other personal electronic beeping and bipping things. It was amazing.

  9. Beautiful birds, aren't they? I love the perspective of that first shot.

    Why not use another place to host your photos? I'm currently using Flickr. That way Flickr supports the bandwidth and not Blogger.. therefore no limits.

  10. Wonderful images - and wonderful thought: speaking jay. I could run for ages with that idea.

  11. We had to give up on the bird feeders around here, because they'd be emptied and clean in literally 10 minutes.

    It was these packs of finches - house finches and/or purple finches. They were like a team of live but tiny shop vacs - sucking up everything in sight. The jays, cardinals and numerous other contributed, but wow, those finches.

    So now we just feed the birds mostly by being unable to reach the figs and persimmons on the tops of our trees, even with a ladder...

  12. The bird feeders are a good hangout for these winter days. It's snowing and blowing like crazy here today. We awoke to 0ºC but we're up to 23º now (minus the windchill). A good day to be indoors.
    We've had an abundance of Jays lately. They're bossy but very beautiful. I love to hear them screech and call and watch their antics. I also love their expressive poses.
    That's a great shot of their 'conversation' :)
    Your decorations with and without snow make for pretty bird photos.
    Love the detail of the tail. Their color and markings are stunning.

  13. You have such a beautiful backdrop for the birds...just like you planned the photo shoot! Some people dislike jays, but I enjoy their comedic actions.


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