Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who, Who Are You?

This hawk, which I could not identify, was sitting at the edge of the backyard only 30 feet from the bird feeders.  We saw him upon our return to the house a few weekends ago.  He sat there with the snow falling on his shoulders looking out over the river, his back to the wind.  He must have heard our return to the house because he started to turn his head as I took this quick grainy photo from the window.  There were many birds eating calmly at the feeders to his left, so I am guessing this must not be a bird hawk of some kind.  He was pretty big.  I have seen the Cooper's hawk in the area and the birds totally disappear when he arrives.  He sat there for at least five minutes.  Any guesses?

P.S.  Cornell says this looks like a juvenile Red-Tailed hawk.  I did not ask them to ID as I am sure they get tons of photos...but since I am participating in the feeder count, they actually asked for the photo.   Good to know.

The photos above are part of  a "drive-by shooting" of what I think is a red-shouldered hawk.  As I was on my way to run errands, I saw him at the edge of the highway and I stopped suddenly and pulled the car over to catch this fellow (cropped and grainy) in his majestic glory in the trees above me.  He tolerated me for longer than I deserved as I had disturbed his hunt.  I have seen him in this same location several times this winter, so this roadside must be rich in varmints.


Brian Miller said...

what a magnificent looking creature...beautiful...i would have had a hard time not watching him...for a while

kerrdelune said...

Indeed, looks like a juvenile Red-tailed to me too. There was one here yesterday, and he made off with a sparrow.

Hilary said...

Wow.. a beauty for sure and wonderful shots.. through the window or not.

slommler said...

Beautiful photos!! Great capture!!
I have been seeing a lot of hawks by the roadside as well. Must be good hunting for sure.
I have seen Red-tails and the Swainsons' Hawk. Both magnificent!!

One Woman's Journey said...

Do not know anything about Hawks.
With the woods and wildlife - surely there are some near.
A beauty....it is

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful pictures of the hawks, Tabor... I would have guess that the first one was a Red-tailed. I supposed he might be a juvie though since he looks fairly small.

I don't know the other one. Don't think we have them around here...

Great pictures though..

Freda said...

Lovely photos, thank you. We're doing the RSPB count this weekend I think.

Kerri said...

Your red tail is very handsome. We see them here, but thankfully, haven't noticed them bothering our feeder birds much lately.
Nice to have the ID help from Cornell.

Linda said...

I was at my friends last week and what looked like the same bird was sitting on the fence eating a mouse. I was confused by the long tail but the one we saw was definitely a young hawk. If it is a red tailed hawk, I will go back and tell them. I suppose the tail shortens as the bird fills out. Great pictures, Tabor.