Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Excellent

It was an excellent spring day, just excellent. The temperature was 74F in mid-morning, the sun was shining but the gentle breezes off the water kept the air at a cool and just excellent temperature. Tabor went out to attach a baffle to one of the bird feeder poles. The squirrel had learned to climb up the pole and then shake the feeder back and forth by swinging on the bottom rim and then jumping to the ground and gorging on all the seeds that had fallen from the holes due to his gymnastics.

Tabor had the usual dyslexic issues with the installation of the new baffle not fitting the pole and having to remove the other older baffle from the other feeder and using it and finding with relief that the new baffle did work with the pole she had just cleared. As she struggled with the two large screws and bolts beneath the deep shade of the metal cone a familiar, high, short whistle caught her ears. She held her breath.
Placing her hands against her brow for shade she looked into the sunny side of the sky and saw a familiar shadow. When the shadow had swung so that the sun was no longer in her eyes she recognized the size of a small eagle but with a creamy breast and smaller wings. She sighed. The osprey had returned! This one was circling the sky and squalling in delight at having made it home. It stopped at the perch of the familiar crane on the other side of the river and waited for many minutes.

Then she saw it lift and fly to the far end of the river where it disappeared in the white sky.  Tabor looked to her new and empty osprey nest platform sitting like perfection itself in the river. Was the osprey checking out the real estate below? Had he seen it? Tabor smiled and knew that only time would tell. The day was just excellent.


  1. smiles...glad you had such a beautiful day...and great catch on sighting the osprey....

  2. Sounds like everything is on the up and up. Spring days can be like that.

  3. Glad your spring has finally appeared Tabor. Seems like you are enjoying it already - Dave

  4. You make spring sound so wonderful..and an osprey to boot!! Wow!!

  5. I hope they will nest on their new platform :)

  6. The osprey platform near my mother's house was found the first year and has been used continuously since. Now they seem quite tame or at least tolerant of the humans.

  7. Lovely post, Tabor. Don't you just love it when your regular beauties return? I'm keeping an eye out for a few, myself.


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