Thursday, March 15, 2012


Thus came perfection 
Simple and pure as the white shelled oval of the egg 
Smooth and rainbow painted like a coasting soap bubble 
As clean as the snap of a well pinned sheet in the breeze 
As honest as Chris's first lyrics from his heart song
As exciting and magical as first love

Perfection is too easy she thought
She knew it could not last longer than spring 
She held her glance so that it would not flee 
And might linger as it burst with more surprises
Those multi-colored petals reaching for freedom
The whoosh and flutter of a quick gray bird's wing 
Perfection is too fragile 
Like a thinly structured Chihuly garden 
Like the final piercing note of the tiny brown wren 
Like the backward flight of that first hummingbird 
Her breathing was perfection on such a day 
As a well-practiced instrument of life 

Such a gift was easily accepted 
Although rarely deserved 
And too soon forgotten 
With the push of time 
And the demands of other ghosts


  1. smiles....perfection is rare, and when attained certainly fragile....that is a gorgeous pic though....

  2. The photo is fabulous and your poem perfectly transcends my thoughts to spring and new life and gentle breezes.
    Thank you

  3. ah - lovely - I think, though, that we deserve the moments of perfection when we forget ourselves enough to recognize them. The shot of that wee bird is perfect!

  4. Brian, Sue Ann, and Pauline...this is an homage to a spring afternoon I spent sitting outside. Thanks on the photo...which is really two photos layered together.

  5. Your post took me away from the gray day and sent me traveling into warmer, gentler days.

  6. Your first line aptly describes your image, I think:-
    "Thus came perfection."
    An absolutely beautiful post.

  7. Both poem and photo are perfection. We need to make time for these moments.

  8. I'd love to sit with you while you think and watch....


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