Friday, February 21, 2014

Weather or Not

"Everybody talks about the weather but no one does anything about it."  Charles Dudley Warner (?) stolen by Mark Twain (?).

The big blue whirling planet must have flicked a wrist in one of its daily pirouettes this week and the winds changed direction just enough that the air warmed into the high 60s melting what was left of the squashy snow against the base of the trees and the gray and silver ice that had frozen on the river.  It was almost as if winter had bid goodbye with the setting sun.

The next morning I had rushed to open the windows and let in the fresh air before heading out on errands on a day that only required wearing a sweater.  The sun darted in and out of cloud cover and the wind whipped up old dry leaves and there was a lightness in everyone's step in the supermarket after having been home bound for days.  In the river the buffle heads were back and the Canadian geese had returned the night before.

Of course,  " Breaking up is hard to do. " Neil Sedaka sings.

The winter does not depart without argument and thrashing and screaming and smashing of branches and tossing of furniture like a woman scorned.  Winter hangs on refusing to leave the stage even when pushed away by warmer giggling winds.  Winter hides backstage for a short time tossing rain and  messing with the sound man and flashing light.

There was a tornado warning as I arrived back in my driveway and I rushed to close windows and watch the radar.  Winter was no longer a cool blue on the screen but an angry red and I could hear winter groaning and thundering before roaring into 60 mile an hour winds and driving back against an early departure.  The rain came like hard bullets against the windows and the skylights.  Winter flung 2 inch tree limbs against the side of the house and tipped over the table on the deck in irs fury.

It will be peaceful and warm tomorrow, but I am told winter is coming back in full force next week.  Such a Prima Donna is this season, but to be fair it is not even March!

(Oh, the bird in the prior post with the hair-do was lifting his crown to intimidate.  I understand they sometimes do this for sex appeal.  He was a little blue reddish heron.)


  1. it was over here like someone flipped a switch. all of a sudden all the plants budded out. we'll still get some cold nights but the bitterness of it is gone.

  2. In some legends, spring has broken the back of winter. Winter will fight back, but his back is broken, he cannot stay.

  3. That was a great description of your weather witt a few metaphors and photos thrown in. Nicely done.

  4. we had vicious winds here today...i thought for sure the flags were going to rip off the flag blew in all of a sudden and a couple hours later it was gone...

    come on spring...

  5. I love your descriptive weather words. Yes, winter does not give up easily. Hang on!

  6. Same thing here...Spring has teased us this week.... We also had that storm last night --but luckily, no damage here..There were some tornados in TN though.

    BUT--as wonderful as it feels, they say that WINTER is coming back next week for us also...

    Guess we will just have to keep WAITING.... ha

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh those water pictures are just heavenly! Beautiful!
    I really just wish this winter would pack her bags and LEAVE already. Ugh.

  8. Pretty Sunset! Haven't had any over the cove in months here- too far over n less colorful lately-
    We had a thunderstorm shake the work building while quickly moving thru last night, along with this much welcome thaw- n very thick fog before that.
    But the Polar Vortex is predicted to freeze us again by Monday- hope it's over soon too,
    I think we are all burnt out on freezing this winter!

  9. Nice photos and story about the wind storm. Hope that the forecast storm predicted next week will be mild compared to what the East has been exposed to -- barbara

  10. Brilliant photos, even when the wind blowing hard.

  11. We had a horrible wind come blowing through here last Thursday. I had to push a huge railroad tie in front of the shop door to keep it closed. (Those things weigh a ton and I couldn't breath for a long time after moving it.) My cast iron bell was blown down from the barn rafters and I had to prop the chicken house door open with a concrete block. The next day our temps were in the 70's and this morning the wind is blowing cold with a week of falling temps ahead already in the 40's. Oh woe is me for daring to say "Winter is over". What a jinx-er I am!

  12. Similar here by the woods.
    Have missed my landline phone
    that has been out since storm.
    Now kind of like just having the cell phone and my no longer have landline. Need to upgrade my 7 year old flip top phone.

  13. Fabulous photos! I sure hope things warm up for you. My granddaughter in Chicago just told me, "We still have lots and lots of snow, Grandma."

  14. Winter can be such a little bitch. ;)

    Your photos and descriptions are just lovely. You've captured the beauty and drama of the season with both.

    The bird (last post) .. I'm still thinking Reddish heron.. is that possible for where you photographed it? In any event, he's a beauty. :)


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