Friday, May 30, 2014

My Iris

The iris are almost all gone and it is not yet June.  Summer came for about four days last week and then rains and spring returned to find only the last blossoms of the iris hanging on.  My greedy soul finds it so hard to accept the brevity of every blossom.  After months of gray and white and stark silhouettes the soul is hungry for color and shape and that heavy perfume that smells like sweet grape juice.  These fleur de les dance like veils in the breeze and seem to just bounce in and then right back out the door before I can capture them for posterity!  And yet, I have so very many, that I should be guilty with my greed.

 I rush out to protect them from heavy rain and crazy wind and they are always awake before me.

Their furry throats call to me to look deep inside for something exotic and forbidden.

Over 300 varieties and people name their children and their restaurants and their technologies and even their songs after this beauty.  But they cannot claim her excellence.

Even I cannot destroy her elegance with my digital manipulations!


  1. One of my favorites also!

  2. Such a tender color of salmon on the first one. Delicate, not meant to last I guess but very welcome.

  3. So beautiful, and so fleeting. I think they are one of the most exotic looking flowers in nature, and yet they are so common we can forget to really appreciate them.

  4. Such lovely photos of my favorite flower.

  5. Great description and photos of your irises.

  6. ha. they are so lacy and tender...the furry throats...i always think of saloon girls when i see them...well before my time, but i grew up watching westerns with grandpa, so....smiles.

  7. I love irises too. And your manipulated photo is lovely, at first I thought it was a pastel drawing!

  8. Beautiful images, so close Tabor.

  9. Much to my discontent my Iris are already gone.

  10. These are so beautiful. I grow some iris but not the bearded ones. And I don't believe I've ever seen an iris that coral color in the first pic.

  11. Oh my, these are so beautiful. You have such a lovely variety of these gems. And photographed so well.

  12. You amaze me...
    and when I bought a camera
    not many years ago
    I wanted to be able to take
    some images
    like you.
    You were
    I believe the first to
    respond at my attempt
    with a blog
    which I call a journal
    for my children and grandchildren.
    Thank you
    for the encouragement over
    the years and your kind words.

  13. Wow. Those irises are GORGEOUS. I just love them. They are so exotic looking. Just beautiful.
    I feel the same way about my tulips (well, they aren't quite as breathtaking but I just love them). Their happy colors and soft petals do not last long enough. A couple of weeks TOPS and then they are gone. :(

  14. congrats on your POTW! :)

  15. Wonderful that their beauty was captured in your photos ~ now they can last for much longer :)

  16. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Wow - these shots are gorgeous!

  17. Lovely captures, a favorite with me

  18. You captured these beauties so perfectly.

  19. And your digital art only adds to Nature's beauty. :-)


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