Monday, July 07, 2014


Thus I save a few orbs of sunshine from the rabbits and the one ground-hog and perhaps even a squirrel or two.  I could not catch one greedy thief in the act.  But each morning what was left was either a vertical or horizontal long fuzzy stem, no leaves, no flower heads, nada!

When I cleaned up the remains I did notice a nice nutty smell to the foliage and I guess that is what attracts them all.

The vegetable garden now has a new electric field around it and maybe the beans, green and soy, will bounce back.  We do have a long summer for growing.

I guess I do not like living things that do not share, whether it is Americans at their borders or cute fuzzy mammals in my woods.  No one side has to take it all.


  1. We have so many critters around here --so we'd never have anything blooming if it weren't for Liquid Fence, mothballs, bloodmeal, etc.... Something even knocked down the hummingbird feeder during the night last night... That has never ever happened to us before...Crazy!!!!!

    You asked about Daylilies... We have not separated them YET. As long as there is room and as long as they are blooming like they are, we won't. We HAVE to separate Irises more often since they quite blooming if not separated. Daylilies --not so much!!!!


  2. ha. good luck with that...the deer here are unafraid of anything...we tried human hair, body fluids...i did not do an electric fence...maybe that is the ticket....

  3. Love the flowers, but, poor critters.

  4. It is unfair that they think they have to take it all. Yes, i understand they are fattening up for winter, but still.

  5. If we live in the critters habitat we have to share and quit griping.

  6. Ever leave a basket of candy unattended on the porch on Halloween with a note "Take one?"

  7. Living at the edge of the woods
    and no fence
    this one is very familar with your sharing :)
    I do not like taking the bird feeders in at the end of the day
    because of some critters.


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