Sunday, July 13, 2014

Osprey Redux Summer 2014

I have been negligent this summer.  I have forgotten to keep up on the gossip of Fred and Ethel and report on it.  If you are new to this couple, and have a long free afternoon go 
#1 here #2 here#3 here#4 here  and most recently #5 here for background on them.

If you lead a busy and full life you can read on and catch up later.  This year the couple came early as written in the last recent post linked above.  I was too busy to watch their sex lives (as I am sure you are relieved in reading) but they seemed to be working hard at improving the prior winter damage to their nest.

They continued to use the top of our boat as a staging ground, but did not leave the sticks for long.

Ethel sat on the nest and Fred watched from the top snag of the nearby dead tree.

Ethel sat some more and Fred watched some more from the snag of the nearby dead tree.

Ethel sat in rain storms, scalding heat, beautiful afternoon sunsets and Fred watched.

Once in a while I would head down to the dock and Ethel would screech and give me the evil eye while I tried to get a decent photo.

But nothing ever happened!  I do not know whether she had laid legs and they failed or she did not lay eggs.  Hubby had seen some angry discussion between the osprey couple and two vultures and even an eagle in early summer, so perhaps there was murder and theft involved, but there are no fledgelings to watch this year.  So sad.  Our friend up the river has four little ones learning to eat and growing!

The osprey couple would disappear for lengthy periods and unusual guests would show up with no one there!  They would rearrange some sticks and then leave.

But as we who love the cycles of this great earth know, the world will give them another chance next spring.  They still sit and guard the nest and will for another few weeks until all osprey up and down the river are fledged and concentrating on fishing and then heading south.

 NO, this is neither Fred nor Ethel, but I thought if you read to the end of this post you deserved at least one photo with some excitement.


Wendy said...

My goodness, what magnificent photos you have! I'm so sorry that Fred and Ethel didn't have little ones for you to watch. Hopefully next year will be different.

I love your header. Haven't been here for years, I think. Will check out your other blog.

Thanks for your comment on my Froggie post.

joeh said...

I love watching them fish in the ocean from my vacation on the beach.

Red said...

It's really tough to accept that sometimes the nesting is failure. We anticipate young ones and they are lost.

messymimi said...

Perhaps they will have a better time next year. This year, who knows? Stuff does happen.

Celia said...

Fred and Ethel just having an off year! Maybe they needed some time off.

Granny Annie said...

I was so happy for you to post about Fred and Ethel. It was beginning to worry me that we had not heard anything.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sorry you didn't get babies to watch this year. Must mess up the birds moods also- Poor things.
I've seen crows here gang-up n eat other birds babies before in a raid thru all the trees across the road, n hope not to see it again! Not called a "Murder of crows" for nothing...

I have alot of berry diners in the tree out the window this week- No pics tho! Just quick glimpses.

ellen abbott said...

Sometimes I find the nests around here and sometimes I don't. Didn't discover any this year but I did get the see the little wrens fledging from the birdhouse that hangs under the front porch.

Brian Miller said...

wow...that last shot is amazing..
and i am sorry they were not blessed with little ones this year...but that does happen....maybe next....

Daniel LaFrance said...

Sometimes there isn't a prize in the Cracker Jacks box. Although the contents can provide temporary satisfaction.