Thursday, July 10, 2014

Orange You Glad to Be Alive?

There is an old saying that nothing really rhymes with orange.  Eminem (remember that rapper) suggested door-hinge as one possibility.  But I cannot think of a way to put these two together.

The old-fashioned metal door had rusted to orange
When I moved the handle there was a cry from the door hinge.....!

Oh well, below are some photo paintings for an orange day.  They would look nice on a wall of  room where the accent is orange, if you like orange.  (click on photos if you want to smell the flowers.)

A gift from Daughter-in-law

I will miss these warm colors this winter.


  1. i like orange...even if i cant rhyme it...ha...its a vibrant color...and lovely flowers you found...

  2. Lovely oranges, the flowers are looking perfect, thanks Tabor.

  3. You can't rhyme purple and silver, either. Beautiful photos, and maybe they will keep you hopeful in winter when you look at them that spring will come again.

  4. I love orange in the garden!

  5. You've got it right that thee are warm colors. Don't even think about winter.

  6. It was bad enough to start my day worrying about rhyming orange but messymimi had to get purple and silver in on the action. I do have other things to do.

  7. Hi, I love anything ORANGE. We have lots of orange flowers --all different colors of orange. One reason I'm a huge fan of orange is that it is the color of my Tennessee Vols (sports team)... SO---gotta love orange.

    You asked about our interest in waterfalls. It all started when we had our big date at Fall Creek Falls State Park in 2001... That is where we told each other that we loved each other and it's where I got my first KISS.... Special place --and that is where our love of waterfalls began... We both love waterfalls--so we try to visit as much of them as we can..


  8. I absolutely love orange. And these pics are phenomenal! Peach is my FAVORITE color and you've got a great peachy orange in that second shot. Lovely!

    Eminem has been hailed somewhat of a genius in the rap world because he can bend words and make words that normally don't rhyme sound like they rhyme. He is actually quite a smart guy.

  9. orange and lime green were my mother's favorite colors. can't say as I care much for orange though I love my orange double day lilies but for a color for clothes or furniture or walls...nope.


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