Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flying Saucers

All that it takes is one angry thunderstorm and we had two and each an evening apart.  I was awakened by the explosions,the  light shards through the windows and then the angry sound of heavy pelting rain as if trying to drive me outside.  We did need the moisture because our weather has been still and hot.  When I go out early the next morning, barefoot, across the grass and return to a place where a tree died a long time ago I see the familiar fungus appearing.  I missed the photo where it looks like little golf balls.  By day two you can recognize them as mushrooms.

They are easily the size of dessert plates by the next day and look good tasting by day three and they have come up for three years in the same place.

I have observed the squirrels eating them, but only a taste, so I guess they are not all that healthy or perhaps delicious.

By day four they have become flying saucers.

Then by day five they start to deflate like a bad meringue pie.  Soon they are black puddles of stink, and I will spare you that photo!


barbara judge said...

Interesting transitions within the mushroom world! --- barbara

messymimi said...

#1 Son once tried to eat one, when he was very young. Poison control had me give him ipecac, because i was always told they were poisonous. Maybe they aren't, but they certainly have a beauty of their own.

Red said...

Nice life history of a mushroom with photos. Describing their end as a puddle of black is very accurate.

Kat said...

They look other worldly. Pretty, in a way. Very cool pictures!

ellen abbott said...

there is a spot in the small field next door where fairy rings pop up.