Monday, June 29, 2015

Too Much?

It has been a time of rains, tremendous rains. Three inches in one day! Floods along some low parts of highways and roads, but no flooding of homes...even tornado warnings in areas close to the Bay, but no touch scores, thank goodness.

After these rich drops of water, filled with injected nitrogen via the lightning, arrive the chemistry has made the green jungle stretch and grow and overshadow all.  As I drive down various roads it almost seems as if the branches of the trees are long arms with claws reaching across the road to grab me up.  Heavy pulsing greens are everywhere.  If you pause you CAN hear the woods breathing.  You CAN see them growing.

My flowers are tall and full of blooms, the raspberries are abundant if a bit waterlogged lacking their usual sugars, the vegetables continue to grow with each sunny day that follows.

The birds hang tight to their power washed houses and it appears they are surviving as they have chosen their locations well.  Even my osprey family is doing well with two new young birds eating them out of house and home.

There are blossom petals everywhere:  beneath the pomegranate tree, below the long spines of the hostas, and on the bushes beneath  the last of the blooming clematis as each pale purple petal falls.  

It has been a strange and rich summer thus far.  Each rain brings a small window of moderate temperatures, but I know these will be followed just a day later by the sauna...that is free.


Red said...

Well, send some of your too much this way. We've had a long hot dry spell. We get dry spells but usually not this hot.

Linda Reeder said...

We're having a hot dry spell here too. It's only the end of June.but it looks like August. Lawns are brown and our forests are tinder dry. The first wildfire is raging and had just burned 20 homes in Central Washington. Enjoy your green.

messymimi said...

It sounds like you are having swamp weather, just as we do every year. It does make stuff grow!

ellen abbott said...

after four years of drought we are, have been, getting rain and more rain and more rain...all winter, spring, and now into summer. my daughter and son in law have some property here they are trying to improve and build a small cabin but the constant rain has left their land in standing water or so muddy it's impossible to mow or get a truck in and out without getting stuck. she told me the other day that she hates to say, to ask, for it to stop raining but... they sure would like their property to dry out some.

blogoratti said...

Lots of sunny days here. Great photo. Best wishes!

Mage said...

Yes, beautiful flowers. Yup, hot and stickey here reminding me of Virginia in Summer. Did I say that?