Saturday, October 29, 2016

It Starts With Z

In grandmother's garden there were always Zinnias.  Mostly tall and waving in the fall breezes.  I have not had such luck a my rabbits love baby zinnias in spring and early summer and eat them down to the ground.  This year I had a Great Horned Owl which made all the difference!  The nights get down into the 40s F but my zinnias still hang around to feed the insects.


  1. There was a bumble bee in my kitchen this week. Do not ask me how it got there but it was holding still and probably near death. I picked it up carefully and took it back outside. They are endangered and I was sad to find it struggling for survival. Wish there had been a zinnia for me to place it on.

  2. Mother awoke my Zinnia enthusiasms. I love those flowers.

  3. What the beautiful 'Zinnia' images, I love them.


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