Saturday, October 01, 2016

"Orenge" You Glad It's Fall?

Plastic plates orange in color in a plastic red bucket with the sun shining through.
Orange...the word that poets never use when trying to rhyme.

Orange...the color that few people can carry off in a clothing theme.

Orange...the color that is used when on the roadside so that a driver will not hit you.

Christmas tree lights through a heart filter and given an orange hue.
I do not ever remember anyone saying it is their favorite color.  But it is the color fire in the cold.  It is the color of the setting sun at the end of a day.  It is the color of that juicy fruit.  Before the 15th century the color existed in Europe without a name.  Then when Portuguese merchants brought the first orange trees to Europe from Asia along with the Sanskrit term naranga, the name for the color of the fruit became the name for the color.  It evolved from the Old French orenge from pomme d'orenge.

I love fall because of all the shades of orange.

This zinnia was the only one with such an orange color and only one flower has blossomed all summer from the plant.  I love the peachy color.

I finally saw only ONE monarch in my yard.  They fly through at the end of September and cross the Chesapeake Bay a few miles from me in early October on their way south.  I did see more up in the Smithsonian gardens in Washington, DC and that gave me hope.  They are the perfect orange color.

Above a photo-painting of my orange cosmos which I photograph endlessly as it bobs in the breezes.

None of our trees have faded to orange, but this tulip tree leaf came a little closer than most.

I do love the warm and snuggly colors of fall as the air gets cooler and orange gets to take center stage.


  1. It was my #1 Son's favorite color when he was a child, although i'm not certain about now. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Orange: nice theme for today and a nice play on words.

  3. I love the fall too. So glad to have the cooler weather.

  4. You have given respect to the color orange.

  5. Terra Cotta, an orange variation, is one of my very favorite colors. :) Thanks for the fall menage. :)

  6. I love orange! I am wearing it today.

  7. These oranges are beautiful!

  8. Orange is my favorite color!!!! I did an entire post about orange quite a while ago:

    My favorite is a peachy orange. Half of my wardrobe is that color. ;)
    Love this post! Beautiful!!


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