Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Party Hour

I am an introvert.  I find that wedding parties can be fun if taken in small doses.  So, in the middle of the reception in the barn at the farm, I notice the sun is setting.  I quietly excuse myself and grab my small camera as I rush down the stairs and past the lower dairy room which just minutes ago had been filled with wedding guests drinking and eating orderves.

I rush to the field at the back, where sheep and one horse are calmly stuffing their tummies before the end of the fall day.  The cool front which collided with Hurricane Matthew has made the meadows green again so late in the summer.

I turn to the road where the sunset is just beginning to paint everything golden.

And while the guests back at the barn have not started their dancing, I notice that the grasses are busy doing their head bobbing just across the road.  He guys, the party is out here.


  1. More delight. Thank you. My big smile carried over to this beauty.

  2. What do you do when another introvert meets you out there? I know the avoiding of crowds thing. Now today I received quite a few of your posts all at once. In fact, a crowd. I will read all of them but I may find the comments a challenge.I guess you found out what was wrong.


Glad to hear from you once again. I really like these visits. Come sit on this log and tell me what you are thinking.