Friday, April 09, 2021

Those Feather Friends

This has been a fun winter and spring in terms of birding.  Hubby and I are so in sync with our feathered neighbors that we find mornings pointing out this and that to each other.  While we failed to get the osprey to nest in their old home, we realized we should have cleaned it out from the grasses and just left a few sticks for them to rebuild.  That would have made the geese dismiss the site.  There is always next year.

The osprey did build a small mansion of a nest across the river at the top of a tall tree and while distant we can still watch them!  You can just see the small brown smudge below.

But I have a telephoto!

We have also had the migration birds come swiftly through before heading up north and I was able to catch a few photos of those!  (Red-breasted Mergansers).

They look like the Steven Tyler version of the musical world.

I failed to clean out the birdhouses last month and now am afraid to try to open any, but we do have bluebirds checking out the area and they are in their best colors right now.

Next post, the woodpeckers!


  1. Love the colours of the bluebird. The Osprey aren’t back here yet. Gotta love the bed heads too.

  2. we have some barn swallows nesting across the street at the shop and in the garage I found an abandoned (I think, haven't seen the little wrens since I put up the blue tarp to protect the tropicals in the garage from the deep freeze) wren nest with four little eggs.

  3. THe ducks are my favorites.

  4. I really enjoy your birding posts.

  5. Never a dull moment in bird watching.

  6. So many lovely birds, i am glad you get to watch them and take photos.

    1. Oh, and don't worry about the fill-ins not being cheerful, your answers are your answers, it's that simple.

  7. Watch your nose if those bluebirds are happy.

  8. Red brested merganser pboto is pure joy. Osprey nest are spectacular, that nest!

  9. You have an interesting variety of birds visiting. Enjoy your photos.

  10. Oh, utterly delightful.


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