Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Plaudits and Cheers

It is a very bold dance, 
Like a ballerina with muscled limbs 
Flinging them out into the air.
Gold, lime, red,
orange, and brown flakes
spinning around and around until
they reach the ground
and form waves or skirts
or places to hide.
And then the finale.
Round and brown limbs
Straight and poised
stand strongly in the sunshine
not having felt it for a year.


  1. Some very nice ideas and images in this poem. I like the idea of leaves forming "skirts" around trees - and I had not thought about the trees not having had sunshine on their bark for so long.

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Thank you Jenny. This wa very off cuff and not edited.

  2. Love the poem! A beautiful expression of autumn!

  3. Thank you for that moment of loveliness. I needed it.

  4. Nice comparison with the girl and fall.

  5. The imagery is very clear.

  6. Thanks for poetry and trees. I remember a big skittering oak leaf across the road that I thought was a tiny animal, and had my foot ready to brake the car, but then saw it flip in the wind and be something dancing without life, just wind.

  7. Lovely trees with ancient leaves and the poem, love it.

  8. Your blog is a virtual sanctuary of wisdom and inspiration.


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