Friday, October 17, 2008

The Power of Prayer

As we tore out the remains of the garden to get ready for putting in the raised beds, I noticed this fellow hanging on for dear life at the top of one of the tomato cages. He was carefully watching me tear out the invasive mint that my husband had so carelessly let get established. This little head pivoted ominously facing me with the 'bug-eyed stare' as I walked around him trying to get a photo at various angles. I asked him to pray for Americans and the economy. He seemed to be trying to convey some message about the environment and I swear he said in a tiny voice "To Hell with oil prices!" Just like politics, not everyone agrees. (If you click on the photo you will get the attitude.)


  1. Tabor I love it. I have been surveying my small garden this morning. Need to separate some plants. May enlarge the garden. Would have less grass to cut.
    Have a good day. Sunny and cooler and beautiful outside.

  2. i can't wait to show this photograph to hubby! yes, the attitude shows quite well! :))


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