Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tucking In

The sun is looking at us sideways as he always does this time of year. When he squints wryly with his half-eye, we can feel the coolness of the air rise up as if to meet his glance. The sheds at the water are filled with worn summer toys and locked up tight. The trees shrug gently in the new cool as if to shake the chill and the first of their brightly colored leaves drift softly to the ground. These leaves are the first messengers reminding us of the coming winter. The bees are lingering at my purple sage slurping in the sugar nectar as if they were facing the last saloon call of the evening. The squirrels race madly from tree to tree, knocking bits of bark to the ground. They are children reunited on the school playground just before the bell that ends recess for the day. And I find myself pausing in my fall chores to adjust to the new angles of the sun against my garden and the forest. I pause in thought as this is the beginning of the long goodnight as I tuck in my plants for the winter.


  1. Tabor, I love the way you share.
    You have a gift for words.
    My leaves are just starting to fall. Since no rain in weeks it almost seems like they are drying and falling instead of turning their wonderful colors.

  2. I truly admire your gift for words. You write so beautifully. Do the words flow as easily as they seem to?
    I'd love to share my rocks and plant thinnings with you. It's too bad we're so many miles apart.
    Your visits and thoughtful comments are very much appreciated :)
    I hope to see your purple flowers soon. Love that pretty!


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