Thursday, October 09, 2008


The agony, fear, anger, bitterness of these times keeps creeping into my daily routine and it is like whiplash trying to decide which horror to worry about next. I took this photo a few nights ago as I waved to my neighbor whose boat created the wake and thought, although this is beautiful, it seems to symbolize the zigs and zags of life today.


  1. ok, it might be time to read your own sidebar. good advice there. i don't know what specifically is happening in your life that is upsetting you, but i hope you find some relief soon. if it is the state of affairs in this country we all have to believe things will be noticeably better by this time next year. i am choosing to believe americans are going to do the right thing in november. it seems that most people get it on some level that we cannot afford another 4 years of this crazy political journey. it is a long climb out of the mess we are in, but hopefully we will soon begin to see a small hint of progress.

    the photograph is beautiful. it feels tranquil to me even though the wake leaves its imprint. update me on the cardinal...did he finally totally stop his pecking?

  2. Sky, the snake worked and then about two weeks ago I took it away from the window sill. Last week we started filling the bird feeders again as we had stopped over the summer months to encourage a better diet for birds. Anyway, he came back almost right after, so I put the snake back out and he has gone...actually he is here, but not spending time tapping at the windows. My concern is about the anger that seems to be growing at the same rate as OB's popularity in the polls...uck.

  3. Tabor may seem strange.
    But I think I know where you are.
    It is something new for me to be in this blog world. But I pick up on pleasures, upsets and different personalities as I read the few journals that I visit daily.
    Take care of yourself.

  4. Beautiful image, Tabor.

    Maybe whiplash explains why my neck and shoulders feel tight - from too many hours with muscles tensed, wondering how many more shoes are left to drop. When it comes to shoe-drops, modern life is a centipede!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I posted recently on something similar Tabor, under "Take a breath".

    The world is changing to be sure.

    Enjoying this blog too


  6. I thought that was a beautiful photo - to me it looked serene - the ripples looked like the comings and goings of life.

    Try looking at the photo at different times, see how you feel, say after the election or when the market quiets down. (and have a nice glass of wine)

    Take care


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