Thursday, January 15, 2009

Any Old Path Will Do

The one great thing about the natural world is that every path leads you to something just a little different, just a little more interesting than what you had recently passed. It is hard to turn around and go back even though the day is bleary cold. Although the path is the same as you took yesterday, it will pull you forward because something new happened when you were sleeping...some new color change, some new plant, new animal trail, or new birdsong will intrigue you until you realize that you have forgotten the time of day and must pull together all your strength to return.


  1. There's always plenty to see, isn't there? I find it so easy to while away the hours watching nature...and then feel guilty because I still haven't done those jobs that need doing :)

  2. Very true. Nature is dynamic. Living, in other words.

    No two days, no two walks are ever the same.

    Excellent post.


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