Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm and Cozy

The days have indeed been frosty and the finger of the river where I live has a light crisp layer of ice on its surface which has prevented the varied ducks that had intrigued me last week from visiting my neck of the woods. Yesterday was a nice clear and bright day and as the sun was setting the woodpecker in the photo above stopped on a snag just outside my back window and ate his dinner. His warm colors and the warmth of the setting sun were a wonderful contrast to the gray and cold days we had been having. It is not the best viewed in higher resolution but clicking on the photo will enlarge for a nice screen saver.


  1. i love this blog, tabor, and you have been giving it attention lately, so thank you! this image of the sapsucker is enchanting...warm and cozy indeed!

  2. Beautiful pictures. You must have a wonderful camera!

    I saw your comment over on my mom's blog, thanks for stopping by. I still miss her so very much. And when I go back to my old posts and see comments from 'Maya's Granny', it makes me smile, and sad at the same time.

  3. Lovely shot. Clearly, you love birds, and I'd say that the feeling is mutual.


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