Monday, January 12, 2009

Feeding Nature

We have estimated that we spend about $30 a month on sunflower seeds and we have only one sunflower feeder. The thistle seed is less popular. Oh well, there are other vices in old age.


Barry said...

We feed the birds (and squirrels) too, Tabor.

It's a rewarding hobby for $30 a month.

Kerri said...

Beautiful shots of the finches, Tabor, and is that last one a wren?
We don't bother with the expensive niger anymore. Goldfinches love the sunflower seed. It's gone up in price considerably these past couple of years, but it's the one most of the birds like best.
They're such great entertainment...worth every penny, don't you think?

Bob said...

I spend a lot of money on bird seed myself. I buy a combo seed along with the black oil sun flower seed. There seems to be a lot of the mix they don't eat but I don't mind as it comes up readily and the deer just love it.