Monday, January 26, 2009

Elegance on the water

These redheaded diving ducks (now I think they are canvas backs!) are so lovely. They hurry away as I approach and do not linger near the dock even if I am not there. They are dressed like royalty. I love the burgundy hoods in contrast with the shade of gray and brown. The cold winter weather has forced them to this peninsula, but soon they will move on as the snows and icy weather approach in the coming days. I wish I could follow them down the coast. There are seven of them in the group, and they all look like males. Maybe they are brothers off to party in Florida before mating for spring?


fen said...
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One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor they are beautiful. The only thing missing on my country property is water. I use to have a pond. Love the water and what it attracts.

Val said...

We have little egrets these days, over wintering in balmy southern England, when they would usually have migrated back to Africa or somewhere. I bet they wish they hadnt given up the habit this winter. Brrrrrrrr.