Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Storm of Death and Beauty

January has almost exited for 2009 and we are finally getting our first snowstorm. Another wave of ice and snow is yet to follow. These two visitors are like rare jewels against the soft white lace that is draped everywhere. All of the feathered fellows are making rough noises and sharp chatter as they compete with other species at the feeders today. When briefly satiated, they sit like puffed ornaments in the nearby holly watching others dart among spilled seeds on the snow below. At least five people have died as this storm crossed their paths and I try to stretch my mind around that drumbeat while watching these jewels flit around outside my window.

Nature is so lovely and like a rising ruby fire so destructive.


Anonymous said...

The birds you have around you are exquisite, we do not have them over here. They are like little jewels, how lovely for you :)
Stay warm

Sky said...

beautiful post, tabor. lovely images, especially the first one. would make a gorgeous christmas card.