Monday, October 07, 2013


These butterfly weed seeds, progeny of the food for butterflies, are so eager to fly and find a new home, but they hang tight for days, and weeks and almost a month on silken arms before releasing into free base jumps to some more friendly pasture or garden where they can duplicate their parents' beauty in spring and summer of the coming year. "Patience my little ones, your time is coming soon." 

Patience is a virtue? Hardly. 
It is the speed limit on a road map 
To the best and most authentic place for you. 

Patience is a virtue? Not really. 
It is a tool that when used with skill 
Can build a monster of a goal.

Patience is a virtue? Maybe. 
But without the energy of stamina 
And the sugar of optimism 
It may be no more than a suspension of time.


  1. Beautiful flower and the rights and wrongs of patience.

  2. Thought provoking, gorgeous colored flowers.

  3. Future food for butterflies that are not there. I saw so few butterflies this year. One monarch, a couple of swallowtails. Could have been the same swallowtail. No sulfurs, no fritillaries, no painted ladies, no nothing.

  4. Well....purple does happen to be my favorite color so your photo grabbed my attention right away. It is spectacular! Wow!

  5. A friend who passed away recently had a quote on patience. One part was never found in men. she would say this quote and have a wicked grin on her face!!!

  6. ah patience is def one of those things i constantly have to work on...and keep in the forefront...lest i forget...smiles...

  7. Is this your poetry? It's wonderful!

  8. Beautiful words and picture!

    I always said "Patience is a virtue and I have neither!"

  9. Love the flowers, love the words, Tabor!

  10. There is a time for patience, but when it's time for action, patience is a shackle.

  11. Patience exists on many levels. Your writings on the subject is thoughtful -- barbara

  12. That photograph is amazing! My mother was a very impatient person and I used to ridicule her. Now I am her:) I can't even wait for my fast drying nail polish to dry.

  13. Thanks that you visit our blog.
    Beautiful photo!
    Greetings, RW & SK


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