Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Gulls!

Many years ago, perhaps before some of you were born, there was a director that could terrify people with his movies. They still are somewhat thrilling when watched, although they do not have the blood and gore that makes one want to hurl nor do they have the psychopathic reality that makes you wonder if people are so crazy.   It does still have the horror.  The man's name was Alfred Hitchcock and one of those movies was "The Birds."  It was about an attack of birds on a small Northern California town, an attack that seemed to have no reason behind it which made it all the more terrifying.   The birds in my area have not seen this movie...thank goodness. 

Just stand and pretend she does not see you.  Don't move.  Patience is a virtue.

Its only the salad and wine.  Yuck!  Hope she is not on a diet!

Pretend you are waiting for someone.  "Oh, Hi, Evelyn, nice day for a fly about, isn't it?  Can't beat this fall weather!"
Walk ever so slowly and look every so sweet and gentle and maybe she will throw me that shrimp tail!

OMG, that looks so good!  I don't think I can control myself! Give her the 'cute' stare.
Look away...look away...she is getting ready to wave that napkin at you!

"Hey Freddie, this family has abandoned ship and they left hamburger buns!!"
"Outta my way, Dude.  I'm starving!"


  1. They are patient.

    To get a real life feel for "The Birds" explore an island where the gulls are nesting...they will dive bomb you away...scared the pants off me when I was 12.

  2. haha at least they used their manners eh? until the end at shots...smiles.

  3. I could even hear them speaking; that is the perfect script and dialogue, Mr. Hitchcock.

  4. Very amusing!! I have had similar thoughts about birds in beachy areas, as well as sparrows, etc., in Hawaii. The restaurants were mostly open-air and the birds were persistent beggars!

  5. Gulls will dive bomb you for food, i've seen them do it. The worst of it is that it changes their behavior, they quit eating what they are supposed to eat, and it's not good for them.

  6. This gull helped you tell your story. Gulls can be very aggressive. It's surprising that he waited.

  7. Very cool, Tabor - made me laugh out loud. Had a jay in Colorado steal a half sandwich right out of my hand once. He should have taken lessons in manners from your gull ;)

  8. You're the patient one! Quietly getting those nice shots made for a good story.

  9. Beautiful bird photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  10. Those are habituated gulls. never saw one actually attack an empty table for a few crumbs. You captured the whole episode with humor and great photography -- barbara

  11. Mrs. Doctor Doolittle I presume.

  12. I was just talking about this movie yesterday with some ladies. I told them they never had ratings on movies when I was young. I think I watched The Birds when I was very young and it scared the bejesus out of me! No PG-13 back then!

    Okay, IMDB said it first aired on TV in January 1968 - I would have been 7 years old.

  13. I do like the gulls. Spent many a summer and weekend on Galveston Island.

  14. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the kind words.

    Love the shots!

  15. I remember the movie, The Birds... It did scare me to death!!!!!!! ha

    Cute little gull---and he was quite patient waiting for his 'dinner'...

    Have a great weekend.

  16. Wow! These are incredible photos of that gull. It's so clear it feels like I could touch it. Every time I see a huge flock of birds, I do remember that Hitchcock movie.


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